Young Englishman who lives in a Victorian cottage

Peter Saunders from England is a huge fan of all things dating back to the time when Queen Victoria ruled her empire. He has even created a home that is an authentic tribute to that period. We met up with one man who really is living the dream.


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Young couple in USA live like Victorians

Never mind living off the grid. Meet the couple who live in a different century. 

THE VICTORIANS, Modern Life is Rubbish. Shunning modern day convenience and technology.
(Excerpt from FastCo)

Whether you consider them pre-modern evangelists or just uber-hipsters, Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman’s tale of technological abandonment has garnered plenty of media attention. But what can their decidedly low-tech lifestyle teach viewers about living life in the mainstream? 
To take a closer look at the couple, Ian Pierpoint, Founder/Chief Ideas Officer at exploration, strategy and innovation agency The Sound, traveled to the Chrismans’ homebase in Port Townsend, WA to film The Victorians, the debut documentary from The Sound Media, the agency’s recently launched content division. Providing a detailed look into this uniquely anti-consumer family, the film shows how and why the couple adheres to 1800’s English historical visages and practices with unflinching sincerity.


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Books as Art

I have just  come across an amazing Instagram page called Secret Safe Books where two artists have taken vintage and classic books and made them  into keepsake boxes. I especially love the HP Lovecraft, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen and Little Women ones. The books are beautifully made and the photos are gorgeous, with each book set against beautiful and interesting items to show how lovely the books look displayed with treasured keepsakes.










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Hearing Colour, Neil Harbisson, artist, part two.

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Hearing Colour- Neil Harbisson, Artist, part one

Neil’s talk is very interesting and full of humour- he is witty and so positive!  His jokes made me laugh out loud- such as  references to eating his favourite songs and maybe if teenagers had Lady Gaga salads they might eat their vegetables!

He is aware that his eyes don’t show him what most of us see- a bright world bursting with colour and vitality.  As an artist myself who loves flowers I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to only see shades of grey. I’ve always been into colour and even did a colour therapy diploma a few years ago. Colour is a big part of my life. But yet, Neil presents his world in such a way that my reaction is not of pity as I expected to react, but wonderment- he HEARS colour with his device and uses it to create music and art; he can even hear infra red.

This device has become part of his life and changed how he experiences the world so much that he now sees himself as a cyborg:

Neil Harbisson is a Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognised as a cyborg by a government.

The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours such as infrareds and ultraviolets via sound waves. The antenna’s internet connection allows him to receive colours from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via external devices such as mobile phones or satellites.

Harbisson identifies himself as a cyborg, he feels both his mind and body are united to cybernetics. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology. His artworks investigate the relationship between colour and sound, experiment the boundaries of human perception and explore the use of artistic expression via sensory extensions.

 In 2010 he co­-founded the Cyborg Foundation with Moon Ribas, an international organisation that aims to help humans become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights and promote cyborgism as a social and artistic movement.


I have to admit to having  a negative response to the idea of cyborgism- the images if scary sci dystopias, loss of human warmth and connection to nature, creatures like the Borg in Star Trek TNG coming to mind, but in the case of Neil Harbisson I see how this implanted device has changed his world for the better.


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Allemande from Handel’s D minor Suite HWV 428, played on a real 18th century harpsichord

Allemande from Handel’s D minor Suite HWV 428, played on the William Smith (c1720) harpsichord at the Bate Collection in Oxford, by Douglas Mews. This instrument quite possibly was played by Handel himself and is certainly built in a style he would have been familiar with. Recorded at a Gallery Recital 25.5.13.


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Mozart: piano concerto no. 24 in C minor, K 491, on period instruments.

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