Beethoven and Billy Joel’s doo wop!

50’s style doo wop and the Pathetique Sonata? Not something that one would think could go together, or indeed even think about doing it but it has been done by Billy Joel.

“This Night” is a song by Billy Joel and the fifth single from his album An Innocent Man.

The basis of the song’s chorus uses the second movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata. Beethoven is credited as one of the song’s writers on the sleeve of the album as “L.V. Beethoven”.


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2 Responses to Beethoven and Billy Joel’s doo wop!

  1. Elene says:

    Oh, my goodness. I had no idea this had happened, and I thought I knew Billy Joel’s hits fairly well! It works much better than I might have expected.

  2. Yes, Billy managed to slot the cantabile of Pathetique into his song quite well! Now for something rather different see my next post….

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