Frederic Chopin, Etude in A Flat, with lyrics

Another classical masterpiece with lyrics written by John Murray Gibbon, from his book Magic of Melody, 1933.

Chopin etudeSHEET


Chopin etudeLYRICS1



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I am a classical music enthusiast, history geek, artist and writer.
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4 Responses to Frederic Chopin, Etude in A Flat, with lyrics

  1. Elene says:

    Boże mój dobry, what awful lyrics! Good for a laugh, I guess. Often people sneer at modern pop lyrics, but this shows that the situation decades ago wasn’t necessarily any better.
    (Please, anyone who ever has any thought of it, don’t add lyrics to Chopin’s instrumental music in the first place. Just don’t.)

  2. I think Mr Murray meant well, but he wasn’t a great poet, however the one he wrote for Pathetique is much better!
    I myself like to write poems that are inspired by the music, rather then being set to the music.

  3. Elene says:

    Oh, no, I had a momentary lapse, and wrote “Boże mój” incorrectly! It won’t let me edit my comment! Can you fix it?

  4. I have fixed it! I wouldn’t have known myself as I don’t know one word of Polish! I am learning a little German though…:)

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