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                      A folk song that Beethoven arranged. Verse by Robert Burns


Musing on the roaring ocean,
Which divides my love and me,
Wearying heav’n in warm devotion
For his weal where’er he be.
Hope and Fear’s alternate billow
Yielding late to Nature’s law,
Whisp’ring spirits round my pillow,
Talk of him that’s far awa.
Ye whom sorrow never wounded,
Ye who never shed a tear,
Care-untroubled, joy-surrounded,
Gaudy day to you is dear!
Gentle night, do thou befriend me!
Downy sleep, the curtain draw!
Spirits kind, again attend me,
Talk of him that’s far awa!


Dialect commentary– I am not Scottish, and alas I have never been there, so I hope I have understood the following! weal-will  Ye- you  awa- away.  Gaudy- good

(If any Scots read this and I made any errors, please do say….)


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