Ludwig van Beethoven’s Clock

                       Ludwig van Beethoven’s clock

Anyone following this blog will have noticed by now that I have an interest in Ludwig van Beethoven’s music, life and times (the eighteenth/nineteenth centuries).  Another interest I have that ties in with these is antique clocks!

Sadly, my finances nor living space are not conducive to a grand old antique ticking clock, so I make do with a couple of  little round vintage wind up clocks. But one day….

I went to a clock museum  a few years ago and I was enthralled, though I found it sad that the beautiful clocks stand silent, ticking no more. It is not only the beauty of the faces and casings of these clocks but I like, but also the ticking. I find it a comforting, almost familiar sound. And when they chime I am charmed!

Below is a photograph of the hall in Beethovenhaus, in Bonn (Germany)- probably dating from the 1920s. It is a vintage postcard I have in my collection.  Near the bottom of the stairs a grand old clock. I am unsure if this clock was there when Ludwig and his family lived in this house, but it is no longer there now. Sadly it was dismantled sometime after 1965, but the case is now on the third floor. I am hoping that  Beethoven’s clock restorer, the Italian Armando Orlandi can repair it. He has shown an interest in doing so.


Here is a page from Armando’s beautiful website on his restoration of Beethoven’s desk clock. Beethoven was given this clock as a gift by Princess Christine Lichnowsky, the wife of one of his patrons.

If you scroll down there are two video clips showing the clock working!

This website is mostly in Italian, but this page is in English. However one does not need to be fluent in Italian to enjoy this website- the photographs, video clips and design are lovely.

And below is a page on this clock from Beethovenhaus:


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