Film- Beethoven Lives Upstairs.

What would it be like to have Ludwig van Beethoven as your neighbour or even your tenant? In Beethoven Lives Upstairs you will find out!  This film shows the most accurate portrayal of Ludwig van Beethoven of all the films made about him. Beethoven Lives Upstairs  is a touching film, which explores the relationship between Christoph, a boy whose house he comes to live in, and  the great composer. Although Christoph is a fictional character,  we see a very realistic Beethoven here- Neil Monroe is brilliant as the older Ludwig, who is writing his Ninth Symphony. Neil even looks quite like the portraits of Ludwig in his middle years.

There are some humorous scenes when Beethoven shows his wonderful quirks- we see these through the eyes and observations of Christoph; through his eyes we get to kGerhardnow the composer and understand him.

The character of Christoph seems to be inspired by Gerhard von Breuning ( the son of Beethoven’s friend Stephan), whom Beethoven grew to love and whom he affectionately named “Trouser Button”. Gerhard loved Beethoven in return, even earning  the honour of addressing him as “du.”

(The picture on the right shows a drawing of little Gerhard, from my book Ludwig van Beethoven, his life and work in pictures by Robert Bory)

Here you can read Gerhard’s wonderful reminiscences of his friendship with Beethoven:


Here is the film: