Interesting post on playing late Beethoven piano sonatas.


I am writing after the fact, a little shocked by something I lived through, and want to testify to the healing power of music.  It shouldn’t be a surprise.  Conductors & musicians live remarkably long lives, likely rejuvenated by the music swirling around them like the waters of a fountain of youth.

I feel sanest at the piano.  It’s a place where irrational and rational coexist side by side.  Apollo and Dionysius have to make peace with one another, for better or worse, if they’re to co-exist inside the same skull.

This past week was very draining for me, disorienting because my usual schedule was turned upside down.  I made a family trip to NYC, including Die Walküre on Friday the 13th (lucky for me as it turned out) , coming home to a busy week partway through Monday.  Each of Tuesday & Wednesday entailed a day of work…

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