The Unheard Beethoven

The Unheard Beethoven


A great website whose project is to make previously unrecorded works by Ludwig van Beethoven accessible to the public. They state that hundred’s of the composers works are yet to be recorded or published outside of specialist circles.  I am always glad to hear more works by Beethoven. There is always something new to discover!

Last year the team found a song for male voice and piano, called Ich wiege dich in meinem Arm” (I cradle you in my arms) Hess 137, which had been lost since 1822! The composition date was 1795.

I can’t find the song on their website as yet, but they are constantly adding recordings, so it will surely be on there in the near future.


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3 Responses to The Unheard Beethoven

  1. Mark Zimmer says:

    Here you go. Sorry it too so long for this to go live, but we’ve been waiting since 1822….

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