The Art of Fugue- Documentary

George Ritchie and Christoph Wolff, the Bach scholar of our time, discuss Bach’s Art of Fugue and how it fits into the broader tradition of Western Music. Organ builders Bruce Fowkes and Ralph Richards discuss the work’s suitability for the organ.

J.S. Bach – Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue)on period instruments

Musica Antiqua Köln, on period instruments. Reinhard Goebel, violin and conductor. Häjo Baß, violin. Karlheinz Steeb, viola. Phoebe Carrai, cello. Andreas Staier and Robert Hill, harpsichords. Composed by J.S. Bach (1685-1750).

I. Contrapunctus I (0:00)
II. Contrapunctus II (2:59)
III. Contrapunctus III (5:59)
IV. Contrapunctus IV (8:56)
V. Canon Alla Ottava (12:08)
VI. Contrapunctus 5 (16:05)
VII. Contrapunctus 6, A 4, In Stylo Francese (19:33)
VIII. Contrapunctus 7, A 4 Per Augmentationem Et Diminutionem (23:09)
IX. Canon Alla Decima, In Contrapunto Alla Terza (26:03)
X. Contrapunctus 9, A 4, Alla Duodecima (30:24)
XI. Contrapunctus 10, A 4, Alla Decima (32:48)
XII. Contrapunctus 8, A 3 (37:04)
XIII. Contrapunctus 11, A 4 (42:02)
XIV. Canon Alla Duodecima In Contrapunto Alla Quinta (46:20)

Contrapunctus 12, A 4
XV. A. Rectus (50:12)
XVI. B. Inversus (52:31)

Contrapunctus 13, A 3
XVII. A. Rectus (54:52)
XVIII. B. Inversus (57:06)

XIX. Fuga A 2 Clav. (59:21)
XX. Alio Modo. Fuga A 2 Clav. (1:01:34)
XXI. Canon Per Augmentationem In Contrario Motu (1:03:50)
XXII. Fuga A 3 Soggetti (Contrapunctus 14) (1:08:11)

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