Beethoven’s library and love of literature.

This is a companion post to an earlier one about Beethoven and Philosophy. In the excellent article on raptusassociation.org : “Nietzsche and Beethoven, Tracing Beethoven’s Relationship to Literature and Philosophy,” the writer begins by examining Beethoven’s “Heiligenstadt Testament”  written in October 1802, where he makes a reference to being “forced” at age 28 “to become a philosopher.”

Beethoven testament

Here is the full text in English:


Here is the raptusassociation.org article which examines Beethoven’s literary interests, authors he admired such as Goethe and Schiller, and discusses what books he had in his library, which was very extensive- some 200- 300 books!


Ludwig lush2

Beethoven as he was around the time he wrote the “Heiligenstadt     Testament.”

Reconstruction of Beethoven’s Library at Beethoven- Haus Bonn:


You can help build up his library by adopting a book!

Below are photographs of some of Ludwig’s books. It is fascinating to see his annotations:



three(Picture credits: Hans Conrad Fischer, 1970)