Historical reviews of Beethoven’s music and concerts from The Times Newspaper, London.

                     Beethoven in the times newspaper

Beethoven’s Oratorio, Christ on the Mount of Olives was performed in Drury Lane Theatre, London, on Friday January, 30th, 1818.

1818 Drury Lane

                             The Times, Saturday January 31st, 1818.

 Drury Lane Theatre in 1813. This theatre still stands, although it has been renovated a few times.


The present-day Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, sketched when it was new, in 1813 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theatre_Royal,_Drury_Lane#mediaviewer/File:Theatre_Royal_Drury_Lane_1813.png

A new symphony by “the celebrated Beethoven” is rehearsed for the first time by the Philharmonic Society in London, Tuesday 1st February, 1825. The symphony is not named but it must be Symphony no 9 ( which premièred in the Theater am Kärntnertor, Vienna on the 7th May, 1824.


                             The Times, Thursday 3rd February, 1825.

              Sadly this theatre was demolished in 1870.   Here it is in 1830:


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