The Signature Series by Paolo Pietropaolo

Paolo Pietropaolo’s audio presentations on key signatures is an interesting listen.


Nikolay Diletsky’s circle of fifths in Idea grammatiki musikiyskoy (Moscow, 1679) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circle_of_fifths#mediaviewer/File:Diletsky_circle.jpg

The premise of the series is simple. The key signatures of music are kind of like the signs of the zodiac. If you take all the music in a given key, you’ll discover certain characteristics — characteristics that can define your personality.

The Signature Series was honoured recently with a Prix Italia, one of the biggest international awards in broadcasting.

One of the most wonderful aspects of working on the Signature Series with my co-producer Denise Ball has been to discover that people have been responding to musical keys in this way for centuries.

Each time, after sketching out the character, we’d peek into Rita Steblin’s book, A History of Key Characteristics in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries, and we’d be amazed at how closely our impressions matched those of the composers and musicians of that time.

It’s confirmed: each key does have its own timeless personality.

Which key are you?