Famous Composers: Franz Schubert Documentary

Famous Composers: Franz Schubert Documentary



10 thoughts on “Famous Composers: Franz Schubert Documentary

  1. L.S.
    I would like to see the film on Schubert with András Schiff, but the video has disappeared from You tube.
    That is a great disapointment for me.
    Kind regards
    T. Kruse-menke

  2. Dear Fellow Schubert lover,

    Thanks to you I don’t feel sad and forlorn anymore!
    Two days ago I received the message with the link to the Schubert video.
    It was a great pleasure to see and hear this wonderful film again!
    For mr. Schiff is not only on the piano a great master but also in bringing to life the composer’s world and his work!
    He also made a very god film of Chopin.
    I would like to share the link with you:

    There are 6 videos.

    With kind regards,

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