Beethoven’s Tenth: Re-composing a Composer-blog post on Haunted Ohio.


The Curious Case of Miss Helen Green, who claimed she received music from Beethoven in the late nineteenth century.

In early April 1895, The Times of London printed several advertisements for a symphonic concert presented by Miss Helen Edith Green, mentioning that the programme would include several compositions by that lady.

A female composer was, as a review of the concert remarked, a rarity. Even rarer was one of the star items on the program: Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony.

The medium, Miss H. L. Green, to whom we owe the tenth symphony, gives the following account of its reception:—

“I have been told by spirit controls that Beethoven came to me at the age of eighteen; and about that time I experienced a strong impulse to compose. I wrote sundry small things; I contemplated a symphony, and finished several numbers of an opera; but I was dissatisfied with it, and laid it aside. By degrees, as I made my way, teaching crowded out composition, and for years I wrote nothing. In the year 1881 incidents occurred which re-awakened the impulse to compose, though I did not put pen to paper till 1882.”

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