Profound and thought provoking- a talented writer.

Affaf Fatima

Have you ever spoken to the clouds?
Have you ever asked them who they are?

Have you tried explaining what a fragrance of a rose is? And why it is so surreal? 

Have you ever looked down upon the wind for it comes and goes? Why does it sway us and then runs?

Have you ever inquired the rainbow for what it wants to say? Why does it make us smile?

Have you thought ever what can be the reason behind this coldness of this rushing stream? What made it COLD?

We never ask, they never tell. We never think, they never tell us to think. We never explain, they never clarify.

We just LIVE in that moment. We just FEEL. They let us live their joy. They let us feel their beauty. We close our eyes, we feel, we admire. And in that instant, nature meets you. Strikes you…

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