The Story Behind Bach’s Monumental Chaconne, by Mariah Helgeson.

An interesting and informative blog post on Bach’s Chaconne with links to performances played on various instruments, such as violin, marimba, solo flute and cello.


Listening to the chaconne is as rich and layered an experience as the story behind the music. Whatever meaning you ascribe to the chaconne — personal, civic, divine, or none at all — it’s certain to leave its mark.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s chaconne has been arranged for nearly every instrument: from the ominous-sounding organ to the solo flute or the delightfully sparse marimba. Or, listen to these renditions by an enterprising clarinetist and an equally ambitious saxophonist. Or how about this menacing arrangement for trumpet and orchestra and this lyrical performance by two cellos. There is truly an arrangement for everyone.

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