Interview with Austin Chapman about hearing music for the first time.

Further to my previous post about Mr. Chapman and his experiences of listening to music for the first time, after being born deaf, here is an interview with him:


I found this particularly interesting:

The first song that you heard after having your hearings aids put in was Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” right? How would you describe it?
I was carried away by the first half and thought about how beautiful the weaved notes sounded. But then I realized that I’d never been able to hear sounds like that before and I felt a numbing sensation wash over the top of my head and down my spine. It was exactly like the Bob Marley quote, “When it hits you, you feel no pain.” The experience was sort of like my first kiss, surreal, but exciting at the same time. The realization and beauty of the song made me break down and I tried to hide my tears but I saw that everyone else in the car was crying too.
How would you describe the evolution of music? You’re in a pretty unique position to comment on it.
I wouldn’t call it evolution. It’s easier to find good songs pre-digital age. They end up sounding more authentic. Modern music is so much louder. But there are a few modern bands pushing music to the next level. I just didn’t expect to love classical more than any genre. So, from my point of view, music has been in a confused and downward spiral ever since classical ended. Some got close but no one has touched on Mozart’s requiem. I rank classical 99/100, the blues 91/100 and Reggae 85/100.