A Smile in my German Spelt and Rye toast

A Smile in my German Spelt and Rye toast

Lunch time today, I cut up my German rye and spelt loaf, toasted it under the grill and put it on a plate and saw this cute smiley face looking at me from one of the slices!




I couldn’t cover that sweet little smile up with peanut butter then eat it! Perhaps it is me being a long term vegetarian and the “no food with a face thing” but I hadn’t the heart! 🙂

Why did that smile appear in my toast? Maybe it is a reminder to be of good cheer in this dark, winter months.

I have wrapped it in foil and put it in the cupboard, until  it doesn’t look so good, then I’ll take it to the park for the Birds.

Smiley faces can turn up in other unexpected ways:


Where have you found an unexpected smiley face?


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I am a classical music enthusiast, history geek, artist and writer.
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