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BEETHOVEN – transcriptions by Franz Liszt – Yury Martynov on a Erard piano (1837)

This is of interest to me as I love the 7th Symphony and it is interesting to see how Franz Liszt transcribed this for piano. I have a “beginner’s” version of the 2nd movement theme I am practising, so it was useful to hear how a great pianist plays it! i’ve been practising on my digital piano- Casio Privia, mostly on the grand piano sound, but I also tried the string sound. I think after hearing this I will practise more with the grand piano sound.

Here is a video of the whole of the 2nd movement transcribed by Franz Liszt:

I heard a few played on modern pianos, but this 1837 Erard sounded by far the best! It has much darker tones which suit the music better.

Here is the sheet music I got: