The Schubert Picture Mystery

The Schubert Mystery.

Below is a photo I took of one of my crystals back in around 2007. I have been in the process of cataloguing some photos I took on a Kodak digital camera I had then ( which has since broken, but the card is saved and can be loaded into my laptop via a card reader). Quite to my amazement, I found that there is an image of what looks to be Franz Schubert in the background ( at the right behind the crystal).

I never had any pictures of Schubert in my flat, nor do I have any now! Nor did I have any books with his portrait on them either; nor had  I borrowed any from the library.  Back in 2007 I wasn’t even listening to classical music.

I had pictures of course, but this image of Schubert has somehow superimposed over it. I had none of any classical musicians or men from this era either.

I am at a loss to explain it.

Sparkly and Schubert


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I am a classical music enthusiast, history geek, artist and writer.
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