大江 光 هيكاري اوية Hikari Oe

Adagio in D minor for flute and piano
Grief No 3 for piano
Nocturne 2 for flute and piano

Music by a Japanese composer with learning and physical disabilities. Gentle, sensitive music that has a sense of the elegance of the Baroque and the early nineteenth century.


From Hikari Finds His Voice:


“I feel quite horrified when I stop to think what might have happened had my son Hikari never listened to music: what has become the most essential part of his daily life would not have taken shape within him. Moreover, it might well have been impossible for us, his family, to surmount the many difficulties which have confronted us. I feel this with compelling immediacy as I look back over our past three decades with Hikari, who has live these years with a mental handicap. Hikari was born with an abnormal growth which was soon removed surgically from his head in a difficult operation. But although Hikari’s mental retardation gradually became evident thereafter, he continued to grow physically in his cot just like any other healthy infant. His young mother listened frequently at this time to the music of Mozart and Chopin, mainly to shield herself from anxiety over the child. Looking back from the vantage point of the present, it seems that the baby must have listened intently to this music.

Hikari eventually had the good fortune to encounter a piano teacher who gave him the chance to discover the joy to be had from the creation of harmony and melody. One day he showed us his first composition, written in long-tailed notes resembling bean sprouts, and we could but marvel at this astonishing development.

It was after several performances of his music by gifted friends that we began to understand exactly what musical composition meant to Hikari. Had he not composed, he would surely never have been able at any time in his life to convey the rich, profound, crystalline and radiant message contained in this music. For our part, had Hikari not composed, we would have never realized, nor would we have been able even to imagine, that he possessed this sensibility. The scope of what we might have gained from this world and understood of it would have been significantly narrowed. I feel we would have missed gaining an insight into some of the most important and humble aspects of the meaning of human life.