The Astrological Saga of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Astrological Saga of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Genius before his Time by shelley jordan.

Interesting study into Mozart’s astrological chart and his life.


Mozart as a Spiritual Teacher

I want to briefly address what I have experienced as the transformational and healing power of Mozart’s music, his operas in particular. Not only are they exquisitely elevating due to their sheer beauty, but unlike most other operas which deal with the lower passions, Mozart’s operatic works contain a message of morality, ethics and a humanity that can be applied to everyday life. If you study them carefully, you will see that Mozart, the exploited child, teaches us what to do in cases of deception, manipulation and mistreatment. He counsels us to always tell the truth, find comrades to support us, and with our comrades, confront the offending perpetrator. His message is always truth, courage… and forgiveness.

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