The Harpsichord and The Fortepiano: A Musical Comparison.

Two pieces of music, interpreted by different artists on different instruments. Which instrument do you prefer, the harpsichord or the fortepiano? What do you think hearing the same piece once on the harpsichord and then again on the fortepiano? The piece has a different feel when the instrument is switched, of course.

1. Balbastre: La Courteille, Jean Patrice Brosse, Clavecin, Kroll 1774
2. Balbastre: La Courteille, Mitzi Meyerson, 1792 Broadwood fortepiano
3. Domenico Scarlatti, K. 308, Pieter-Jan Belder, Cembalo after Ruckers
4. Domenico Scarlatti, K. 308, David Schrader, fortepiano after Cristofori