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Joseph  Haydn – Piano Concerto in D major, Hob. XVIII:11 (Andreas Staier, fortepiano)

With attractive and entertaining performances, Andreas Staier’s recording of three of Haydn’s concerto per il clavicembalo should win more converts to these unfortunately neglected works. Staier possesses the technique and temperament for the music: his playing is deft and agile and his interpretations are witty and affectionate. Gottfried von der Goltz is a wholly sympathetic accompanist, bending and weaving with Staier’s supple sense of tempo and dynamics. The players of the Freiburger Barockorchester adjust their touch and sound to the richer and warmer Classical sonorities, supporting and surrounding Staier’s pianoforte.

The instrument featured in this recording, a copy of a Walter instrument built in Vienna in 1785 built by Monika May in 1986, has an attack that may seem at first to lack clarity and a certain degree of depth. But if the listener can adjust to the tone and scale of the instrument, these performances will be very enjoyable. Harmonia Mundi’s sound may be a bit too recessed and reverberant for some tastes.