Dorothy Wordsworth exhibition

Dorothy Wordsworth exhibition


I recently saw an exhibition of some of Dorothy Wordsworth’s things- mostly books and letters, with some pictures. There was also a baby’s cap ( which dates from around 1772 and is made of linen and lace. The maker of the cap is unknown).


Dorothy was the sister of the poet William Wordsworth and liked to travel with him and recorded their travels in notebooks and journals.  The photos show some of her journals and notebooks.

Journal. D





One of the notebooks shows Dorothy’s sense of social justice by telling the true story of George and Sarah Greene who died in the snow, leaving behind 8 orphans. The Wordsworths got involved with setting up a committee to help them.

This book can be found free online here:

There was also a pencil drawing of her brother William and the poet Coleridge, and Dorothy; although it looks like someone strangely tried to erase her from the portrait.


Here is Dove Cottage, which houses the belongings of Dorothy and William Wordsworth:

A friend of Dorothy:



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