History Hunt: Barbara Strozzi

Interesting post about a female 17th century composer.It is great to see how she succeeded in a male dominated profession!

Katherine Murley's Music Studio Blog

This week on History Hunt, we’re back four hundred years in history to meet another composer whose popularity is beginning to take off again–even if we don’t know all that much about her.

Barbara Strozzi was born in 1619 in Venice, Italy, a city built upon the water!

Italy Italy, home of Barbara Strozzi.

We’re not completely sure of her birthdate–we only know she was baptised on August 6. She also was called Barbara Valle at this point in her life; she didn’t start using the name “Barbara Strozzi” until later.

Strozzi was adopted, growing up in the family of Isabella Garzoni, who was a servant, and Giulio Strozzi, a poet (who may or may not have been her birth father). She learned from one of the greatest composers in the new genre of opera, Francesco Cavalli and was so successful at her lessons, she had her first (but not last!)…

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