RIP Baby Alan Rabbit

RIP Baby Alan Rabbit

Dear sweet, beautiful Alan. May your innocent little soul rest in peace. How I wish I could have saved you from a wicked, brutal death. My heart aches for the suffering you went through. I never knew you. How sad that your death is the only way I have heard about you. If I had met you I would have loved you, stroked your soft fur, given you lovely veggies to eat and toys to play with. Rest in peace dear little one.


Radio hosts spark outrage for killing baby rabbit with a bicycle pump live on air.

Two Danish radio hosts killed a young rabbit with a bicycle pump live on air, sparking hundreds of complaints for what they said was a bid to highlight the “hypocrisy” of animal welfare campaigners.

Radio24syv presenters Asger Juhl and Kristoffer Eriksen ate the nine-week-old bunny, nicknamed Allan, after clubbing it to death with the pump during their show.

More than 1,500 people have now joined a Facebook group demanding a boycott of the station.

Sign the petition to get the cruel DJ off the air!


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