Back to the Tudor Times, Little Moreton Hall

Back to the Tudor Times, Little Moreton Hall


Little Moreton Hall is a Tudor House, owned by the National Trust. It is extremely rare in that it has never been modernised- it pretty much remains as it was 600 years ago! The family who owned it moved out of it in the early eighteenth century and rented it out to tenant farmers. It had a cold tap installed in the nineteenth century, that was it. The tenant farmers who lived there over the years until 1938, lived with no electricity, no bathrooms, and no flushing toilets- nothing modern at all. When the Trust took it over in 1939 they installed electricity inside the house and in the courtyard there is of course a cafe with toilets, but the house itself remains as it was for 600 years (except for having electric lighting). The gallery upstairs has sloping floors. The atmosphere is tremendous! Time stands still almost…

Richard window

Herb window

Long gallery

See more of my photos of the Hall here:


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2 Responses to Back to the Tudor Times, Little Moreton Hall

  1. Do you know anything about the original owners? Were they merchants? This is so interesting!

  2. Thanks for reading. Yes, it was this time yesterday I was at the Hall. I can’t stop thinking about it and wishing I was still there! I went on a coach day trip there- it’s a long way from where I live and not easily travelled to on public transport. I hope to go on a trip to it again next year.

    It is perhaps the most atmospheric centuries old house I have ever visited. It feels very unique and also friendly! See the wikipedia link I have just added to this post. The Moretons were landowners.

    I like your blog by the way- I shall list you on my Blogs I Like Page. I am nuts about history as you may have guessed. 🙂

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