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A lesson in painting with music: Winterreise’s “Letzte Hoffnung (Last Hope)

Throughout this song cycle we have seen many fantastic examples of Schubert at his best when it comes to painting a picture through music: plodding footsteps, whistling wind, falling tears, roosters crowing, bugling posthorn, galloping horse just to name a few. The sixteenth song in the cycle, “Letzte Hoffnung (Last Hope)” is no exception. In fact, I think up until this point, I think it might qualify in my book as being the most dense musical painting we’ve seen yet.
I want to include the text for this song. I’m going to give a rough translation of my own so that I don’t have to worry about copyright issues so if it isn’t perfect (it isn’t), please just overlook that!

Here and there there are on the trees
Many colored leaves that you can see,
And I stand under the leaves
Often in thought.

I look upon one leaf,
I hang my hope on it,
If the wind plays with my leaf,
Tremble I, how I can tremble.

Ah, and if falls the leaf to the ground,
Fall I with my hope,
Fall I too to the ground,
And weep on my hope’s grave.

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