Vintage Book on Beethoven by Frederick Corder

Vintage Book on Beethoven by Frederick Corder

Here is vintage book on Ludwig van Beethoven I have in my collection. It has a soft cardboard cover and the pages are thick, almost like card. From reading about the author (who passed in 1932) I am guessing that this book dates from the 1920s or very early 1930s. It seems too old in style to be  a later dated reprint, and indeed no mention of a reprint is in there, nor a date of publication. It cost 1/6 at the time, and me £1.55.

corder cover

Here is a pensive looking Beethoven facing the frontispiece:

Ludwig from old book.edited

The book is full of charming line drawings. Here is the first page:


Beethoven’s Music Room:

music room

Discussion on the 7th and 8th Symphonies:



On Beethoven’s greatness as a composer:



Characteristics of Beethoven’s Music:

his music

The end paper has this drawing:


Wikipedia entry on Frederick Corder:


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