Sherry and Ghosts; Invitations to a Party

Sherry and Ghosts; Invitations to a Party

Here is a curious vintage book (published in 1961) I got for free today in Healthy Planet. Healthy Planet is a charity which gives unwanted books away, thus saving them from landfill and providing people with wonderful reading.

The author of this novel was Berta Ruck, who was born in the Punjab, India in 1878, and then moved with her family to North Wales where she went to school. Berta lived to be 100 years old!!

Here she is in 1916:

NPG Ax39098,Amy Roberta ('Berta') Ruck,by; for Walter Stoneman; James Russell & SonsPicture credit:

ghostbookAbove is the synopsis to this curious tale..

ghost1ghost2A rather novel idea for a novel- inviting the ghosts of the dead to a party! If you could host such a party who would YOU invite? I look forward to your replies WordPress Bloggers! Perhaps we can create our own imaginary Party guest list just like Madame  Charmian…

What would happen?

It would make an interesting and fun Round Robin.

I have been thinking about my own Guest List:

Guest of Honour- Ludwig van Beethoven- of course! 🙂

Frederic Chopin

John Keats

Olaudah Equiano

The Schumanns

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Constanze Weber- Mozart


Joseph Haydn

Franz Schubert

George Bridgetower

Charlotte Bronte


George Frederick Handel


William Shakespeare

Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


This is a big list- so we would be in a grand dining room with one of those huge polished wooden tables, with candlesticks!


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4 Responses to Sherry and Ghosts; Invitations to a Party

  1. Saxo Ungrammaticus says:

    Beethoven (of course), Gustav Mahler, Franz Schubert, Goethe, Shakespeare, PG Wodehouse, Brian Johnston (old cricket commentator who was also a charming human being), my grandfather (who died when I was small), my great uncle (who I never met but who was famed in my family for his warmness of spirit and his ability as a recontour), my great aunt, Clara Haskil (of whose playing I have recently become an admirer of), Thucydides, Hildegard von Bingen. A bit of a random collection though and I rather think I’d be too intimidated to speak!

  2. Good choices :)- what would the subjects of the conversations be?

  3. Saxo Ungrammaticus says:

    That’s the difficult part, so many great minds, I think I wouldn’t make a good host at all, perhaps we’d discuss why we as humans need to create, and what art should seek to achieve? (a bit vague but it’s all I could think of) Who would you invite?

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