I find graphology interesting- this look at Mozart’s handwriting is worth a read!

My Strength and My Song

Mozart, the famous child prodigy and composer of the Classical era, is the winner of my poll!  Please have a look at my handwriting analysis of him.

1. Mozart’s writing seems (though it is hard to tell from a picture and not a hard copy) to be heavy, especially in his signature.  It is dark and would probably leave indents on the other side of the paper on which he wrote.  This is a sign of emotional intensity.  Writers with this trait tend to feel all their emotions deeply and intensely.  Their emotions last for a long time, whether they be feelings of anger, love, excitement, etc.

2. Mozart must have had a quick and analytical mind, as evidenced by his pointy and v-shaped ‘m’s and ‘n’s.  This is a mark of a highly intelligent person who picks up information easily and sifts through it logically and skillfully. …

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