Sketches of Beethoven and Minona

Minona van Beethoven (or Stackelberg)- beautiful drawings by the very talented artist, Jane Adams.

janeadamsart – Barenboim’s noble rendering of the Appassionata Sonata



Beethoven profile - xerox of a lost sketch Beethoven profile – xerox of a lost sketch

In my earlier post, More Sketches of Beethoven, I described a dream I had many years ago, that I tried to draw his daughter, who lived with him somewhere underneath Vienna.  It seemed at the time to parallel his efforts at composition, a titanic process of inspirational song, rain-soaked notebooks and hours or months of cutting, shaping and refining – it did not come easy for him.

I brought from my dream’s dark-room an impression down the years, of a child with a wide face and a fringe.  She was his child, or she was his soul – he looked through her eyes.  I met him in my dream, and we made an agreement.  That is all I remember – and the heart breaking toil of trying to portray her.   In…

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