Jonsi and Alex- art with vintage charm and beauty

I thought I would share with you the art of the Icelandic musician Jonsi (from Sigur Ros) and his American partner, Alex.  Such beautiful people. I really love their work- both their art and their music. They create soulful, inspiring beauty in a world that needs more of this so much.


I was fortunate (a few years ago) in that I was able to buy the limited edition boxed set of their CD Riceboy Sleeps, which included a beautiful little hardback book of some of their artwork.

Below is the back of the book:

back. cover

Simple, yet beautiful! Birds feature a lot in their art and music- almost like it is their motif.

 Below are my two favourites  inside the book:


I love the colours. The whole scene is so tranquil.

Below: On one page a boy stands in his school uniform next to a solitary tree whilst the opposite page shows birds flying over a lake. The two pieces of artwork are separate, yet we can fancifully let our imagination roam … the boy is dreaming of his  summer holidays, watching birds soar into the sky over a lake glistening in the warm sunshine.


As you might have seen Jonsi and Alex find vintage photographs and incorporate them into their art. They have also used old books and window frames to create art that has charm, is heart-warming and poignant. I also love the idea of re-claiming items.

I highly recommend their CD Riceboy Sleeps– it was created acoustically (no electronic instruments) and produced in a rainforest on a solar powered laptop.  It is ambient, soothing, magical. Their music is perfect for creating art to, meditating,  giving or receiving holistic therapies to such as Reiki, writing…


Here is their website. This page shows their Windows…


Click on Gallery in their website  to see more of their work.