Beethoven’s 5 Secrets- A Story.

Beethoven’s 5 Secrets– A Story.

Deep in the Vienna woods, Ludwig van Beethoven walks, pencil in his hand. Amongst the trees he finds refuge and inspiration. Here the Muse speaks to him…


secrets1. edited

He listens and writes in notes what she communicates in sound. Man and forest have an understanding. Music and nature dance in harmony.



In the future, a dancer listens and understands.


The Fifth Symphony is born from this connection of the spirit and Nature. It reveals passion, courage and glory.



The Cello sings with the Piano Guys; it knows from where its body originated- the forest, the source of Beethoven’s inspiration.



This is a series of drawings which are an expression of a reverie that I see every time I listen to Beethoven’s 5 Secrets. If only I could fully bring to life through my art what I see! I see a ballet production, with a series of moving images projected behind the dancers- of Beethoven in the woods, musical notes, colours, the cello…

The ballet tells the story of Beethoven walking in the woods composing the 5th symphony. The spirits of the forest bring him inspiration, and one (known to him as the Muse) connects with him deeply. She understands his art. The wind rushes through the trees and they seem to dance the rhythm of the 5th Symphony. In the future a young woman dances to the 5th recognising something within and The Piano Guys bring to the world Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

The fiery passion that occurs towards the end of the first movement is shown in the ballet by a male figure joining the Muse and breathtaking leaps and turns. They are joined by the forest- a series of dancers all moving in synch, representing the harmony in music.

The music slows down..leaves the 5th and the forest grows quiet. The Muse is alone and fades slowly it the background as an image of the Cello and Beethoven flicker gently on the projection…

Why this comes to me I know not, as I have two left feet and couldn’t choreograph a dance for toffee. But come it does, so here is the story.

If only I could hook my brain up to a screen so someone could actually create this dance production- it would be magnificent!

About my artwork– these are pastel drawings which I edited in picmonkey and added overlays of portraits of Beethoven.

The Piano Guys:




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