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The Real Sound of Chopin (Pleyel 13816) – The Nocturnes

Enjoy listening to some excerpts from Nocturnes by Chopin played on a very rare 1848 Pleyel grand piano serial number 13816, the twin sister of Chopin’s Pleyel serial number 13819. The identical pianos were built by the same craftsmen, artisans and master technicians in the same atelier in Paris just a few months apart, in the same year of 1848.

Chopin purchased his Pleyel 13819 for 2000 French Francs and it was the only piano he described as his own in his letters. It adorned his apartment in Square d’ Orléans, Paris.

The only minor difference is that Chopin’s Pleyel 13819 was ordered with minor embellishments to the case, namely pearly wooden beads around the lower rim of the case, sculptured legs and a carving on either side of the keyboard. The rest and the inside, hence the sound produced on Chopin’s piano, was exactly the same as the piano in the video.

Pleyel 13816 we are listening to in the video, still carries all original materials, was never rebuilt and is in excellent condition. The strings are the same ones it was strung with in the Pleyel shop in 20, Rue Rochechouart, Paris, more than 160 years ago. The piano has been tuned to Neidhardt temperament – a tuning system which was used in Chopin’s times. Pitch is A425.

Enjoy the real sound which Chopin intended for his great masterpieces.