Young couple in USA live like Victorians

Never mind living off the grid. Meet the couple who live in a different century. 

THE VICTORIANS, Modern Life is Rubbish. Shunning modern day convenience and technology.
(Excerpt from FastCo)

Whether you consider them pre-modern evangelists or just uber-hipsters, Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman’s tale of technological abandonment has garnered plenty of media attention. But what can their decidedly low-tech lifestyle teach viewers about living life in the mainstream? 
To take a closer look at the couple, Ian Pierpoint, Founder/Chief Ideas Officer at exploration, strategy and innovation agency The Sound, traveled to the Chrismans’ homebase in Port Townsend, WA to film The Victorians, the debut documentary from The Sound Media, the agency’s recently launched content division. Providing a detailed look into this uniquely anti-consumer family, the film shows how and why the couple adheres to 1800’s English historical visages and practices with unflinching sincerity.



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