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The wind blew bitterly cold. It tore round the desolate old mansion and scattered dead leaves round the crumbling walls. A single candle flickered at one of the upstairs windows. A white figure appeared as it had done each night for the past 150 years. Waiting—




“I am leaving you. I do not feel guilty in doing this. I have known for some time that it must happen- for both our sakes.”

Memories haunt both the living and the dead.




“The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one:
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done.” *

Alone in life-
alone in death.
Haunted by memories
the lonely ghost 
waits at the window
for love to return.



*The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Francis William Bourdillon (1852- 1921) 



Music for The Lonely Ghost:



The Lonely Ghost was made with vintage novel pages and white tissue paper.  A cardboard box has been collaged with more of the book pages and text carefully chosen to bring to life its story.  I’ve used some of this text to create the above story. 

Some pink flocked design art papers have been torn and distressed with pencils and paint to create peeling old wallpaper. 

Pieces of voile have been glued to the window for tattered old curtains.

I made a clock using a metal craft frame with a clock print  to the right of the ghost. Time stands still for the ghost, and it waits for time to begin again—

I was inspired by abandoned old houses, and hauntings to create this roombox.  

Here is a Victorian Ghost curio box I made:

Victorian Ghost Curio Box.

On the left I made old letters with a woman’s portrait. On the right is a ghost made out of tissue paper.