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Happy Birthday remembrances to Bedřich Smetana, born on this day 2 March 1824. 

In the years between 1854 and 1856 Smetana suffered a series of personal blows. In July 1854 his second daughter, Gabriela, died of tuberculosis. A year later his eldest daughter Bedřiška, who at the age of four was showing signs of musical precocity, died of scarlet fever. Smetana wrote his Piano Trio in G minor as a tribute to her memory; it was performed in Prague on 3 December 1855 and, according to the composer, was received “harshly” by the critics, although Liszt praised it. Smetana’s sorrows continued; just after Bedřiška’s death a fourth daughter, Kateřina, had been born but she, too, died in June 1856. By this time Smetana’s wife Kateřina had also been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

How sad! Poor Smetana- losing 3 little daughters. I wonder what Bedřiška’s life would have been like had she survived. Would she have been a composer too?