Blogs and websites I like

His hands


The Daily Beethoven:

Across The Extremes, Late Beethoven:

The Unheard Beethoven:

Mozart’s Music:

Michael Lorenz, Musicological Trifles and Biographical Paralipomena:

Read no more, a brief history of music:

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders:

The Mendelssohn Project:

Mendelssohn in Scotland:

The Art of Piano Performance:

Literature, curious tales and writing:

Elan Mudrow:

Haunted Ohio:

Affaf Fatima:

Mrs Daffodil Digresses:


Jane Austen’s World:

The Seventeenth Century Lady:

Memoirs of a 21st Century Time Traveler:Experiencing history from a modern day perspective:

Spirituality and art:

Elene explores:

Jane Adams Art:

The Holistic Works:


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