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Free online course- The Enlightenment

Free online course- The Enlightenment. The unit will examine the Enlightenment. To help understand the nature and scale of the cultural changes of the time, we offer a ‘map’ of the conceptual territory and the intellectual and cultural climate. We … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s library and love of literature

Beethoven’s library and love of literature. This is a companion post to an earlier one about Beethoven and Philosophy. In the excellent article on : “Nietzsche and Beethoven, Tracing Beethoven’s Relationship to Literature and Philosophy,” the writer begins by … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s Spirituality and Philosophies.

 Freedom,—progress, is purpose in the art-world as in universal creation, and if we moderns have not the hardihood of our ancestors, refinement of manners has surely accomplished something.” July 29, 1819, to Archduke Rudolph. Beethoven’s spiritual beliefs and philosophical interests. … Continue reading

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