Beethoven Verse by EdwardianPiano

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 Fire and Frost.

Piano sonata opus 109, no 30, Ludwig van Beethoven.
Variations, 3rd movement.

By EdwardianPiano.



(Art by M. Katzaroff, overlays by EdwardianPiano in pic monkey…)

Frost makes patterns on the window panes
as his warm breath rises into the cold room.
Seated at his piano, the labour of his fingers on the keys,
ice trickles down the glass, like a tear drop.

Outside, voices rise into the October air,
their breath forming small clouds
of daily concerns, admonishments,
hurried footsteps, carriages passing by the window.

He rises to light the fire, sips at hot coffee,
warmth seeping within, quill scratches at paper,
creative fire rising, the ice withdraws, flows
into a series of memories, expressed by warm fingertips.

Tentatively, slowly, an inner world is revealed,
of a musician whose ears are frozen to chattering voices,
but who strikes fire into the hearts of those
who listen, and are swept away by the flood of passion.

Memories rise and fall with the notes in his silent room;
faces of those loved and lost, and longings to hear again,
the sound of the wind carrying the song of birds, shepherd’s flutes,
and the timbre of sweet conversation.

With a soft sigh, he falls into her smile and rippling laughter;
the rising music pours out a torrent of youthful hope, then anguished despair, descending into quavering acceptance,
as browned leaves drift against the window.

Pastoral Symphony Haikus


1. Erwachen heiterer Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande (Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the country).

Leaves blow in the breeze
the music of trees
carried in the wind
to the ears who can hear
the symphony of nature.

Ludwig stream3

(Photograph by EdwardianPiano, with overlay of vintage portrait of LvB)

2. Szene am Bach (Scene at the brook)

Reflections in the water-
gold undulates into the blue;
windows into other eyes
seeing anew.
Hearing with the heart,
ink stained fingers
scratch across the page.

3. Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute (Happy gathering of country folk)

Piping rises in the air,
rough fingers tapping a rhythm
as earth stained feet
circle to nature’s beat.
A scherzo of blurring colours
and laughter
seeping into the ink
of Beethoven’s notebook.


4. Gewitter, Sturm (Thunderstorm)

Water falls
on the page
and taps the battered hat.
Voices rise
over the groans in the sky.
Seeking the arms
of the trees
sodden bodies huddle together
as one
shrugs into his coat
and raises his eyes to the Heavens.


5.Hirtengesang. Frohe und dankbare Gefühle nach dem Sturm (Shepherds’ song; cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm).

Droplets shaken,
fall from the old hat
as sensitive fingers
send them
back home.
Sunlight warms
brown faces,
knotty hands clasped
in thanks and joy.
Muted voices,
in the ears
of a silent man
walking away,
his notebook carrying
the sounds he hears in his soul.


Beethoven String Quartet No 16, Op 135 F major: Es muß sein!



“Hope nourishes me; it nourishes half the world, and has been my neighbour all my life, else what had become of me!”

Note to self-

hope, an endless stream.

water runs-

drink deep.


“There is much on earth to be done,—do it soon! I must not continue my present everyday life,—art asks this sacrifice also. Take rest in diversion in order to work more energetically.”


life demands work,

life needs art

to feed the soul.

Lento assai, cantante e tranquillo.

“Wrapped in the shadows of eternal solitude, in the impenetrable darkness of the thicket, impenetrable, immeasurable, unapproachable, formlessly extended. Before spirit was breathed (into things) his spirit was, and his only. As mortal eyes (to compare finite and infinite things) look into a shining mirror.”

From silence to strings

eternal voices

hover in the air.

Der schwer gefaßte Entschluß (The difficult decision).” Grave, ma non troppo tratto (Muss es sein?/Must it be?)

“For me there can be no recreation in human society, refined conversation, mutual exchange of thoughts and feelings; only so far as necessity compels may I give myself to society,—I must live like an exile.”


slowly music fills the ache;

a gateway to other realms,

heart and mind full-

they speak to the world.

Allegro (Es muss sein!/It must be!) – Grave, ma non troppo tratto – Allegro.

“Let all that is called life be offered to the sublime and become a sanctuary of art.”

Quill and ink

writing notes into the sky:

falling down into life.

“Truth exists for the wise; beauty for the susceptible heart. They belong together—are complementary.”

In harmony

beauty lives-


never a wrong note.

Quotes by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Haikus by EdwardianPiano.

From the heart, to the heart.


Ludwig van Beethoven had a wretched cook;
who could make him a good soup?
He got in a mood and threw a book,
as the servant was such a fool,
to lie and act like a mule.

Ach! Asses! Beethoven complains;
bad cooking gives him pains.
Only those whose heart is pure, will not find,
their soup on the floor.




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  3. I love this post, the poetry with Beethoven. And thank you for following! Where do your pictures of Beethoven come from? Only the bottom one is familiar. They are very fine. I was just starting to plan a new post with some of my own sketches of Beethoven – he seems to be very much around, just now.

    • Thank you. The pictures I found online, the photo of the stream is one I took myself. I added some details on the piano picture.Other pictures of him on my blog are postcards I have and from old books.I’d love to see your drawings of him. 🙂

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