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Hearing Colour, Neil Harbisson, artist, part two.

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Hearing Colour- Neil Harbisson, Artist, part one

Neil’s talk is very interesting and full of humour- he is witty and so positive!  His jokes made me laugh out loud- such as  references to eating his favourite songs and maybe if teenagers had Lady Gaga salads they might … Continue reading

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Beauty and sadness

Originally posted on Zlatko Music Art:
Beauty and sadness, abstract portrait (acrylic on canvas). Art painting by contemporary artist Zlatko Music I was out of inspiration so I decided to clean up my workspace. I’m a pretty messy, and often…

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Elgar- Enigma Variations

Below:   The Enigma Variations, artwork by EdwardianPiano. Mini canvases painted with acrylic paints, glued onto an mdf board, also painted with acrylics.    

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The greatest analogue of Chopin’s Nocturne In D Flat in painting, Laughter in the Rain, and Sunrise over Water by Ian Barton Stewart

These paintings are just..stunning!!….wow..!! They move me incredibly; just to look at them is like entering a beautiful dream. I am hugely impressed by this artist’s talent. Laughter in the Rain, Sunrise over water – themes that remain some of mankind’s … Continue reading

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Beethoven fantasia op 77 played on his Broadwood piano

Melvyn Tan plays Beethoven’s Fantasy op-77 on his very own piano!     Beethoven’s op 77 Fantasia, guache paints on canvas, by EdwardianPiano.

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Music themed artwork by Angharad Prys Templeman

Music themed Artwork by Angharad Prys Templeman. A series of Artwork inspired by classical composers, their lives and history. Layers of different paper, fine fabrics and acrylic paint, certain areas are enhanced with drawing and stitching.    How stunning are these!!! http://www.angharadtempleman.co.uk/art/

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