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Books as Art

I have just  come across an amazing Instagram page called Secret Safe Books where two artists have taken vintage and classic books and made them  into keepsake boxes. I especially love the HP Lovecraft, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen and … Continue reading

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Hearing Colour, Neil Harbisson, artist, part two.

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Hearing Colour- Neil Harbisson, Artist, part one

Neil’s talk is very interesting and full of humour- he is witty and so positive!  His jokes made me laugh out loud- such as  references to eating his favourite songs and maybe if teenagers had Lady Gaga salads they might … Continue reading

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Beauty and sadness

Originally posted on Zlatko Music Art:
Beauty and sadness, abstract portrait (acrylic on canvas). Art painting by contemporary artist Zlatko Music I was out of inspiration so I decided to clean up my workspace. I’m a pretty messy, and often…

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Elgar- Enigma Variations

Below:   The Enigma Variations, artwork by EdwardianPiano. Mini canvases painted with acrylic paints, glued onto an mdf board, also painted with acrylics.    

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The greatest analogue of Chopin’s Nocturne In D Flat in painting, Laughter in the Rain, and Sunrise over Water by Ian Barton Stewart

These paintings are just..stunning!!….wow..!! They move me incredibly; just to look at them is like entering a beautiful dream. I am hugely impressed by this artist’s talent. Laughter in the Rain, Sunrise over water – themes that remain some of mankind’s … Continue reading

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Beethoven fantasia op 77 played on his Broadwood piano

Melvyn Tan plays Beethoven’s Fantasy op-77 on his very own piano!     Beethoven’s op 77 Fantasia, guache paints on canvas, by EdwardianPiano.

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